KylinCoin is an experiment in 100% decentralized, spontaneous community building based on the Ethereum mainnet ecosystem.

KYB totals 99 trillion pieces and automatically destroys deflation by 1% of the amount of each transaction.

The tokens will be released on the Gatechain sesame chain and future community-recognized main chain.

The investment proceeds will be airdropped to the community from time to time.

How to get KYB?

All those who love the culture of the Kylin community can obtain Kylin Token through any of the following methods and have Kylin Token to build a community culture together.

Kylin culture

The kylin is an animal in ancient legends. It is said that the kylin and the phoenix tortoise and dragon are called the four spirits and rank the first among them. It has a strange appearance, with dragon head antlers, horseshoes, oxtail and a Wolf's forehead, and is covered with colorful scales.
Ancient Chinese think kylin is a great mascots, represents happiness and light, kylin has become a symbol of the mind as a result, the performance of some kind of artistic conception, a show of power, and inspire people's imagination, the spirit of the guide people to agree with some ideas, into a particular state, comfort and a pursuit of the power of giving hope to the people.

Kylin is a distributed autonomous community experiment, fully community started, no benefit priority party. People in the community volunteer to contribute to the project based on their talents. The Kylin community is united by consensus, and since launch,Kylin has built a large and creative community.
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